Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I am thankul that we didn't get this much snow.
About 75 miles north west of us they got hammered!
This photo is from the Weather Network of Beeton Ontario which is a small town. London Ontario also got so much that schools, buses etc were halted and snow days were issued! Fun for kids, but not if you had to shovel 40 inches of snow in four days!
Here in Whitby, we got a smattering...just enough to push the snow off the driveway..I'm thankful.
. my six week check up with the good doctor who replaced my hip. I wonder what they do with the old bones? Anyway, let's see what he says about the little problem of a little bit of extra length on the leg.
Yesterday, I actually went out in the car by myself. I cannot tell you the feeling of freedom! I called a girlfriend from the car saying I felt so free and she asked if I had my passport with me and if so, swing by and pick her up as she needed to go somewhere too!
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