Friday, October 1, 2010


So,each Friday, the rule of the blog is to blog about a favourite (Canadian spelling Chris) thing.

Being a thoughtful girl, and simple minded at times, I thought about what is fabulous for me as my age is creeping up on me more quickly than I really expected.

So, as I am a hobbling queen this summer, I think I love, love, love, my dishwasher with its prewash cycle...

It takes only 13 litres of water for a full load...don't even ask me how much 13 litres is, but it sounds like only a bit of water. I read that 20-25 litres is what it takes to wash by hand. So having a septic system, my sweetie when he remodeled the kitchen at the cottage put in this dishwasher.

It's amazing and cleans everything really well.

This is going to be hard to do a FFF each week. I'm going to try to keep up the heavy schedule that "Quilting in my Pyjamas" aka the general has put on those of us that have decided to join.

I also want to add this little joke.

A woman is caught for stealing a can of peaches. She arrives to face the judge....he asks her how many peaches were in the can....she says "6, your honour"....the judge says that ok then...six days in jail....from the back of the courtroom comes a voice...."she also stole a can of peas!"

I'm loving this joke!

So, thinking and thinking,
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