Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Surprised that we are home already?  I am...but everything went amazingly well on Thursday morning, so well that we were home by Sunday!

Can you imagine any of this sort of operation 20 years ago?  Not I...

The patient is trying to be pleasant...he does have some issues with the nursing care he is getting.  I told him I wasn't a Florence Nightingale type...he now believes me!

Actually, the exercise program is the best thing going and having the walker to help with movement is an amazing device.  The patient is using the wheel walker, unlike me who used the 2 wheeler and almost bounced the photos off the walls!

So this is just an update to say that all is well.  The video (if it works) was sent to me by a friend who has a wonderful sense of humour!

Sorry, just couldn't remove the second video!  I tried to delete it too.
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