Saturday, February 26, 2011


 It's been a long winter, I wish it was warm, I wish I was in the Caribbean!

This winter, what with the knees and hips being in repair it was not to be.

So I gaze at photos taken by  people who are there.  Many of them are on the British Virgin Island sites which is where I'd prefer to have gone.

The turtles are protected in the BVI,
so one sees large ones during day
sails.  Not unusual to see dolphins
either during this time of year.

Then of course the surfing at Cane Garden Bay can be pretty hairy what    with the pelicans vying for the fish in the surge that rushes to the beach....or what is left of it after rough seas out of the north.

But if one wants peaceful, then  go to Smuggler's cove for the day to snorkle, and just sit sipping rum punches or pina coladas.  This beach is secluded, no one lives there so it's quiet most of the time.  Except of course when the cruise ships come into Roadtown, then three thousand people a day could descend on this once tranquil little island. 

But mostly, I'd sit on the beach, read, sip this and that and watch the world go by.  What's a person to do in paradise anyway?

At day's end,  I'd get ready to have dinner at a beach restaurant, watch the sunset, revel in the beauty of our earth as night falls on our beautiful tropics.

I was lazy yesterday, wanted to post, but I'm still in the winter funk.  I'm not sewing but knitting as I try to find my creative juices....and sunshine to make me feel warm and fuzzy.

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