Friday, February 18, 2011


 As you all know by now, FTF is about just that.  What's your favourite thing.

I love to laugh.  God, I am one of those that just bends over and gets it out from the toes to the top of my head.  My  eyes run, so does my nose and sometimes, I must stop because I may get one of those headaches that can come from laughing so hard.

This week, The Money Pit movie was on with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.  My sweetie said he laughed at me for laughing so hard at the antics of their buying the house that was falling apart.

We bought an old house years ago.  It had a light
that never turned off!  We couldn't find the switch and my
sweetie was an electrician!  Well one night  about
a month after we had moved in, the light went out.
We looked everywhere for the switch one more time.

I was home early one day, decided to wash the exterior
windows, had a ladder and unscrewed the light, put in
a new one and when Jerry drove up in the late autumn
night, he saw the light on....he ran in and asked...Where
is the light?...I told him that the light bulb had been
exchanged and I still didn't know where to turn it off.

We had our money pit of a house too!

I love a good joke.  I particular love
a play on words type of joke and my
sweetie tells me those whenever he
hears them.

We are dog lovers, so they make us laugh a lot.  The new neighbours have a two year old retriever who makes us laugh all the time at his antics.

Then there is our grandkids, particularly this photo of our girl winning a race that was close and the relief of the win made her laugh as well as cry from the sheer joy of it.

Don't we all just love a funny story, a great story told by someone animated with the telling.  

 Laughter in addicting, pass it on.

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