Monday, May 9, 2011


 Who could ask for better weather to put docks in at the cottage.  The lake this Monday morning was so calm that there were about a dozen loons fishing across the way.Also, as the boat and the dock were coming around the corner of the island, it looked like a procession of loon, boat and dock heading our way, but I didn't have camera in hand, so the moment was lost.

Just to show you the calmness of the water, this is right across the lake to another large island with a small boat just heading west.  What a reflection, don't you think?

It took about 15 minutes to attached the dock to the large ramp.  The
lines that anchor the docks are so visible, so all the chains are being attached
as I'm posting this.

Needless to say, the dogs are happy and supervising the work.

I've not been sewing or posting as the foot is taking a bit more time to heal.  All the stitches are out, so only the pin is still attached to the toe.  I tell you, this has not been a happy experience, although many jokes at my expense have been told.  Friends!

We arrived here Thursday and met the neighbours (no longer new, please note) Kent and Kathleen who helped load us up, they loaded themselves in no time.  We were all excited to see each other, anticipating our arrival at the cottages.  They had boat trouble, but that was fixed quite quickly and we all had the best day to open our cottages.

Since I'm still recouping, I decided that we should have a pizza night with K & K and also Derek and Helen who had arrived the previous week.  What fun we had as we all tried to tell our winter stories at the same time!

Kent introduced a new Spanish champagne...Kava or something like that which was delicious!  I mean delicious as I'm not a big champagne drinker at all.

Mary and Bob of course were here to help us open, so, once more we are settled in for the season.  Next week, I'm bringing up the sewing machine with the bins of fabric all neatly packed and ready for the move.

My daughter had the best Mother's day, perfume from Alex, and her darling Jeremy went to the ballgame for the afternoon.  Absolute quiet for her...bliss.

I remember my son Ted making me a mother's day coffee, he put six spoons of sugar in it, it was lukewarm, as he couldn't use the stove at the age of five.  So he used tap water.  I drank it while he and the other children looked on with total love in their eyes!  My best day ever!
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