Monday, July 25, 2011


Last week I started a new quilt block which was the same as this favourite quilt that I have.  Every time I bring this baby out, there are raves for the look of it.

So, I decided to make another that is more suited to the "new" decor at the cottage.

I used  some greens that I had from
my stash.  I used the centre block of blue with brown and green dots to set off the rest of the blocks around it.  I've laid it out the way it will be finished as there are only nine 18" blocks that make this quilt up.  The quilt is from a design that was in a magazine that Helen gave me a few years back. 

It's from Quilters Newsletter, April 2009 issue in case you wanted to know.
It's an easy peasy block and goes together so quickly because of the cutting techniques. 

I have some fabric left over so may do some fancy back which could make this quilt pop.

The weekend temperatures were just perfect!  The water temp was at least 80 degrees F and wonderful for jumping off the end of our dock.

To get people to really jump into our lake, I take photos of crazy jumps, dives, and cannon balls!  This is our nephew who brought his family up for three days of fun!

Their cottage doesn't have a deep dock, so all of this was new to them and they practiced jumping for the camera with many funny shots.  But since Jamie brought his family to us, he gets the first photo.

We have finally had rain.  Today it's humid with more rain expected.  We have a total fire ban on in our area despite this rain as it's been almost a month since we've had a deep rain in the area.  We are lucky that no fires have errupted what with the lightning we've had.   Don't you just love a good lightning and thunder storm?  Our dog doesn't even move, although some dogs just shake with fear.  We have a fear from this terrior...he rules the world!
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