Friday, September 16, 2011


 Friday...the end of the week, welcoming the weekend with Friends.  I love the letter "F"  it stands for so much.

Finished...yep, that's a beauty word!  Finis was what I thought when I finished this quilt.  It's scrappy with totally left over fabrics, but wow does it ever look fantastic.

For sure, quilts just don't look finished
till the quilting is done.

The next quilt was from Walmart Jelly that I bought for $12.00.  A great find and totally awesome, and fabulous.

Finishing the backs of quilts is always a dilemna for me.  What to pick, and how will it look makes me frazelled at time.  Not for this baby.

The back is almost as good as the front.  I also did a bias binding to really pop the quilt.

Finding the right back was a bit of a challenge to find the right fabric to compliment the front.

By putting a black sashing on the back, the same colours, practically are on the back.  The effect is quite flashy.

Finally, thank you to Barb of Bejeweled Quilts, who sent me the jelly fabrics from Samoa last autumn when I was laid up with my hip surgery.

I actually had pieced all these tops last winter while recouping, but just couldn't do the finishing of the quilts.

The back of the quilt which is not shown is the blue of the front.
This quilt is cute beyond belief.  My sweetie who knows I don't do blue well, just loves this.  I do too so it will be a keeper for me to remember the generosity of Barb.   Thank you again.

Finally, F is for fire...we are burning wood to warm our little cottage this morning.  The coolness of the mornings is quite shocking after a warm night under the duvet....The outside temp was just above freezing this morning and the inside a few degrees warmer.  Brrrr...or Frrrr. 

Finished projects make us all happy.  So for now, Friday fun at the cottage begins with 'F"

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