Saturday, September 3, 2011


 At the cottage there are days when life begins to take shape with perfect images of the sun.

When Mary and I got up she was searching for the cameras to get the sunrise over Dennison Island which we face.   Isn't this something?   It wasn't hard to take, just a shot from the big Canon Rebel with the telephoto lense.

The lake was so calm, not a ripple.  It was hard to tell which was up or down when looking at some of the  shots I took of the lake. 

Of course, wait 15 minutes and life changes here.
We had very high winds most of the day with
the docks rocking and rolling.

Helen's sweetie had to go out in the winds to rescue friends whose boat lost power and to add to that someone had tipped their small sail boat and he did that rescue on the way back to his rolling dock!

Then, dinner at the neighbours who set this table to serve an amazing watermellon salad as starters.  I'd never
had watermelon salad and it was yummy.
Who doesn't love beef tenderloin with
veggies done to perfection.  Wonderful
evening and the lake was back to calm
with none of the rains that threatened.

Earlier in the day we had tea at Helen's where she is making a loving quilt for a very sick friend.

Her fans are amazing to see.  She is using mono filament thread to attach the fans.  It's hard to see the stitching.  There will be twenty fans to the quilt.  She has decided to use a yellow sashing around the fan squares.

You've seen my teeny tiny studio, well Helen's is no different.  Her cottage has an antique dining table which anchors her quilting studio at the cottage.

She has a carrier for her sewing machine and table that travels back and forth from cottage to city with her.

It's September.  One wouldn't know it for the weather here as it is warm and balmy.  Very humid in fact but we, here in Canada do not complain of the warm weather days of September.  They are gifts. 

Being the long weekend, I of course didn't post this on my Favourite Friday things, but it was a perfect day to be remembered.  Sorry Shay.

My daughter called to chat, was interrupted by one of her day care girls who told her that her clothes had leaked while she was sleeping.  She couldn't find the "tap" to turn the leak off.   We howled.  Fiona had never had an accident since she was trained, so didn't remember that things do happen.  I could hear Kelly telling her that it happens to which Fiona expressed surprise!   Too cute not to mention for my memoires.

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