Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 My friend Mary and I are making Christmas place mats.  Here is the first two of twelve that we are making for our "country" theme.   Mary loves her tables set with a theme so this is part of her idea to make our holiday table really sing this year.

I've not made one quilt this summer!  I don't know where time has gone.  Honestly, it's not that I've done so much,
but I've not done anything.  The mats are
the first thing I've done!  Hard to believe.

Ok no excuses maybe, but the granddaughter has been busy winning medals at the Canadian championships and we were there.  My sweetie yelled so much that he had no voice for two days and is actually still recouping from cheering her and others on.

We also moved her to her new digs in
Ottawa.  This is her second year at University so she is renting an apartment with three other girls.  Such excitement!

On the weekend we also cheered the young guy with his arm around his "Nana" after winning a gold medal.  He is such a nice kid.  He's been so busy this summer along with his mother, my daughter who was one of the many volunteers for the
regatta that we attended that we hardly
saw her at all.  So Jeremy took a quick trip
home today and brought his mother flowers.  So thoughtful and his mother was thrilled to pieces.

On the homefront, here is the work crew assembling and getting ready to install the new top for my boat which will also have a plastic wrap around to keep us out of the weather this fall when the winds blow cold.

So many of us are getting ready for the new school year.  We could see U Haul trailers on the highways this passed  weekend.  All heading to new places for so many students.

The lake has hardly any activity on it at all.  The odd boat goes by and we wave to acknowledge life on the lake.

The humming birds are going crazy getting fatter and fatter getting ready to head south.  The nights are cooler too.  It is coming fast, that cooler weather.  We see the leaves just starting to change colour.  A sure sign.

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