Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 When we have Thanksgiving dinner at my friend Mary's house, the table is always set beautifully.  The lovely napkin set up was so nice that grandson Jeremy just didn't want to spoil the look by taking it apart.  The black ribbons on the napkins was perfect!

My sweetie carved the turkey while I supervised of course, and twenty pounds
of carved meat went quite quickly along
with all the fixins' as they say.

Pumpkin pie ala mode or whipped cream with apple crisp topped off the dinner.

We were all moaning about how full we were of course which says that the food was great!

 Our rocker has been completed and looks amazing.  I took a photo of the lake view from
the work shop deck which just shows what a great spot we have.

I think the dog figured out that he could
see squirrels better from the chair.  He didn't
mind the chair rocking at all.
I posted my "man bags" last time  and they were a huge hit.  Grandson is going to Halifax training camp for sprint canoe for a week, so he is so happy to have a bag to put all his stuff in.

Grandfather noted that now he can loose his stuff all at once now that he has a man bag.....snort...

Also gave granddaughter pot holders.
"What are they for Nana?"
Me...for taking pans out of the oven!
Granddaughter...well you better send me a pan and recipes for the oven then!:

I didn't laugh in her face!  But her mother told me that she hasn't used pot holders in years so how would her daughter know what they were!  They now have pot  holders.

And....she loved the spaghetti scarf, wore
it as she left the house to go back to
University with the instructions to make
black ones too. 

We are returning from the city to the cottage on Thursday following dental surgery.  If you think I MOANED about my foot, wait till you hear of my dental work!  I'm having nightmares!

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