Saturday, October 15, 2011


 Ok, it's not quite this stormy as we are not on Lake Superior (photo), but it's really really windy, and the rain is unbelievable as it comes!

There are four families on the island counting us.  Three of the four boats are at our docks!  The water is low everywhere else so people have closed up.

The not so new now neighbours arrived to
close up for the season.  Not nice weather
so I invited the girls over for a craft session.

The spaghetti scarves took on a whole new level when I let the teens have at it! 

Erin is very artistic so hers was made with two braids, navy and black.  The navy was cut from her mom's scarf (by mistake, but still created)

The girls learned how to use the rotary cutter for the first time and for the girlfriend of Erin, Gina made an awesome yellow scarf, then added a white braid to hers to give it the original look.

 Gina also learned to thread a needle and made a knot.

Needless to say, Gina is very proud of having learned a few things about working with great tees.

Then Mary made her red scarf which is so amazing on her as she is fair so the red is perfect.

She then mixed it with a white scarf which the girls thought she had taken it off her dad's, he has three others like it...

We also found that the tees that have no seams make the very best scarves.  All in all a couple of hours
of spending time doing crafts on a really stormy
afternoon is not so bad!

This storm really began yesterday around dusk which meant we were settled in for the long night listening to the boats and docks rocking.

One of the boats went across the lake to pick up a guest and encountered difficulties so my sweetie went across the lake to bring the men back, to make sure that there wasn't any damage to the other boat and that the men were good.

Today, they all went back to get the boat which stalled one more time, but managed to make it back to our dock!  (This is Helen's boat )

As the photo shows, there is discussion as to where to put the boat which is on the outside of our docks.

  It is very very rough  for a boat to be riding there, however what can be done as it is so crazy weather.

We are alone as our friends decided quite wisely to wait till Monday before making plans to come due to the weather.

 Sixty miles per hour gusting winds is not a safe journey across the lake for anyone.

So, tomorrow I plan to start a new quilting project.  Probably some more bags for gifts and the bazaar at my mother's nursing home.  Should be fun. 

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