Monday, November 7, 2011


I have never been a fan of the changing times....It puts my rythym out of sinc for about three months.

What is the purpose?  I remember being told that the farmer could now milk his cows in daylight...duh...they have nighttime milking too!  Ok, I didn't believe that one.

So here we are now in the year 2011 and the Old Indian in my photo had it right.

An update on our life without cottage time for you.  We are at our friends' house in the city, doing this and that as they are almost ready to leave for Mexican holiday for two weeks.  Then we leave for Florida.

Our life has not been without drama.  About the second day we arrived, we saw a pesky mink trying to get into the fish pond.  The mighty dog Wilson scared the mink away.

So, it was decided by the owner of said pond to put out a trap to catch the mink.  The trap caught a little skunk!  The dogs discovered that little stinker!  Yes, they smelled!

So, then the house stank, the dogs stank to the point of airings and de skunking baths for the dogs.   Have you had experience with skunks?  Poor little things....anyway, a towel was put over the trap and then it was released.  All clothing was then put into a garbage bag but it took almost three days for the smell to be gone.

No more minks, and definitely no more skunk in back yard!

The weather has been fabulous, to the point that we think we could have still been at the cottage.  Oh well good to know for next year.

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