Friday, February 17, 2012

Kearny Quilt....Helen

This is Helen's simple quilt which was donated to the Kearny Ontario Dog sled race day.  I love coin quilts and all the variations that come with them.  This quilt has a strip on the back which makes it fabulous with the red print binding.

The days are winding down here in Florida as a few people are starting to count the days left in their little villas.  We are about ten days from leaving here and heading further south.

Our dear friends, Bob and Mary who have been with us for three weeks are at another location for an extended week.  We were a gang of party people at their place last night.  A rock and roll event that had us dancing till the wee hours of 8:30 ish.   Honestly, we were all probably in bed in the next hour.  

The weather is humid, warm and I love it.  The announcement of thunder showers on the weather network made me yearn for rolling thunder, but nothing like we have at the lake in summer.

I look forward to our return to the lake in about seven weeks.  Honestly, the time has just flown by, leaving me to wonder how it is that it has happened.  Oh well, spring is just around the corner isn't it?
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