Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 I am still knitting little things to keep the fingers busy.

I have decided to keep the socks and fingerless gloves that I made with Sirdar yarn. 

At first this yarn wasn't my favourite to work with, but as time went on the patterns turned out well, so I am so pleased with the

In progress is a sweater in a brown 
tweed, which will be a surprise for
one of my girls.

 The waves on Sunday were wild!  I mean 10-12 ft waves, surging onto the shore all day long.  The result is that the beach has changed mightily as some of the beach is gone to sea.

I'm not sure if the little video shows well here, but it was truly a wild day.  The pelicans were flying over the villas instead of over the 

This little gal is a cross between a Maltese and a schnauzer.  She is so friendly as you can see, and the centre of attention wherever she goes.

The dogs avoid her as she has so much energy, and is all over them.

My sweetie is growing a mustache which he hope to be able to add wax and have it curl up.   I think he may eventually decide that this facial thing is too much work and he will chop it off.  

The puppy from......loves it though.

The days are winding down here on the Panhandle.  Just eight days to go till we head to the Orlando area for our final weeks in lovely Florida.   I feel like I shall be leaving one home for another.

Ad in a local paper.....Wedding dress for sale....worn once by mistake.
Enjoy your day.
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