Saturday, April 28, 2012


We returned to the cottage just in time for winter....I tell you that this passed week has been one of adventure.

Our friends arrived with us for a week of opening up, putting in docks etc.

Well that didn't happen.  We 
had winds from the east which 
threatened power outage a couple of times.  Whew!  It didn't happen. 

So, all we did was keep fires burning, using up more wood in a week than we had all last fall.

Too cold to set up for sewing so, I am still knitting.  The sewing machine is in freezing mode, the cutting board is stiff, that's how cold it is. 

As I write this, the sun has decided to grace our cottage, making warmth.  It is amazing how quickly the sun warms us.  The bedroom which faces east is so warm.  So inviting.   I have also ventured into the sun room  where the sun is just arriving and in the past 15 minutes, the temp has risen from 50 degrees 65...thank you sun shine.

The swan above, the photo which was posted by a friend, also covered its face from the cold.

Please bring on spring warmth....the hummingbirds are about 10 days from arriving.  Oh, we also found a poor little bat which was totally chilled and it died on the back deck...that is cold!
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