Sunday, April 29, 2012


I am thinking that spring is here. Today was a glorious sunny day.  Not a cloud in the sky this whole day.

The wind is a bit north west, which shelters us so we are cozy.  We do have ice on the eaves spout though, so it's not that warm, but it's coming this week.  I believe the weather people today because I want to.

I won a lovely giveaway from Quilton that she had recently.  The mail  just caught up with us at our little post office.  Goodness, we had a lot.

I love this gift! Bev made it and 
it is a storage for sewing stuff when we set off again.  The little bag of goodies will come in handy too, although I have already eaten the jelly beans.

If you haven't had a boo at her blog, go over...Quilton has some great stuff.

I brought up a quilt that has been 
at my friend Mary's house to keep her tootsies warm in the winter, and it has enough green to satisfy me for the moment in the sun room at the cottage.  

Finally, my very precious Kelly gave me a scare yesterday, having to call 911 while out shopping.  Now she is tough for pain, so it must have been pretty bad.  She said that giving birth would compare to the pain....laughing now....Anyway, my friend Mary got the first call as she was 5 minutes away from her, but Mary who is our resident expert when it comes to medical stuff, said "Hang up and call 911...NOW!"   So the ambulance was called and she ended up in emergency ward with all kinds of tests, which happily they didn't find anything serious....what?   Anyway she is good today, will call family doctor for appointment tomorrow (Monday).  

As a mother, all our children are precious, but this is my only daughter!  I had visions in my head that I cannot print here, but you all know what I mean.  She is ok, and that is the main thing.  

So, in the end I thank Bob and Mary who came to her rescue, fetched her at the hospital, drove her to her car and Mary drove her home with Bob as back up.  They both made sure she was settled.

What you know why we love them like family....


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