Friday, June 1, 2012


 It isn't often that we get both of our hopefully future Olympians here at the cottage on a long weekend.  

This year, for Victoria Day (the mighty queen), the kids came up with their boats to a perfect perfect weather weekend on May 24.

In previous years we have had snow, sleet, and mighty winds, so getting calm bright days to enjoy the lake is a bonus at this time of year.

Practices were early morning, so up at 6 am to follow the boats to
ensure safety was good for me as I am used to getting up early.

With coffee in hand, we delivered the boats back to the marina only to find that a bear had tried to eat our truck cover.

Since the bear visits, we have been diligent about food at the cottage.  Never ever did we expect (duh) that a bear would be on the mainland at the marina.   Anyway, lots of garbage around, the cover is totaled.  Another lesson learned by us after 12 years.

The top looks like it had a rotary cutter doing work....must have been a seam of sorts on the cover.  

So, another week has passed.  I am making two more baby quilts as my grandnephew and his wife have had twin boys.  Got the fabric yesterday to have a project over the weekend as the weather is deteriorating as I am writing this blog.   Do I care?  

I am looking for some 1930 type fabric, either charms, jellies or layer cakes.  I know that there should be yellow in the fabrics and that's about it.  Do you know where to get this?

For Sale:  copy of encyclopedia Britannica...$200.00.  Recently got married and husband knows everything!  (one could substitute wife somewhere herein )

Have a good weekend!

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