Monday, May 28, 2012


At the cottage for the past week, there has been sunshine, light winds and a lot of sewing going on.

Helen and I made baby quilts.  She is off on a trip with her darling, visiting a friend who is a new grandmother to a beautiful little girl, so pink was in her charms, for making her quilt.

 I, on the other hand made for a boy born April 24th this year.  I love the green blocks added to the soft blues of this quilt.  A simple but effective look to the finished product.  

We both cut out 5" blocks and 3" sashings to make the quilts.

 I made mine almost reversible.  I always
have trouble with backings and after much measuring and deciding what to do, I am very pleased with the results.

It is hard to blog about ones life when that life is so busy.  I note many of us are so busy sewing we don't have time to blog, and sometimes, the brain just doesn't register an interesting, (in my opinion) blog.

Our life has had so much happening in the last week, with three, count em three deaths of friends, quite suddenly.  Trips to the city is always an event, so it is with relief although sadness that we are here at the cottage, but  thankful for good health once again. 

This is a photo of Helen's cabin where many quilt photos have been taken as the cabin sits in the little wooded area behind her cottage.

As I was returning along the path this morning I could not resist another shot at the wonderful cabin.

Laughter is the best medicine.....a man and woman who have been married many many years are sitting at the breakfast table....
The man...when I die, I want to you to sell all my tools and stuff right away....
The woman.....Why?
The man....Well I feel that you will remarry and I don't want some jerk touching and using my stuff!

The woman....what makes you think I'd marry another jerk?
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