Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 The above photo was Google's tribute to Amelia Erhart today.  115 years. Gosh, Google does great stuff every day. Also today, with the passing of Sally Ride, it is good to remember these women who were pioneers.

Another quilt in the making.  My friend Mary who contributed fabrics to my stash wanted to make a quilt.  Well, she designed and I sewed....this was the result of one day's work at the cottage even though it was very hot day which would have been better spent in the water...

It's the same pattern as this one, but
look what happens when the colour palette changes. Totally different quilt.

This is the one that my friend Dawn made while she was here. I am always surprised at the different colours we all choose for projects that are similar.

I have decided to make bread! I used to make bread in another lifetime, so it should be easy for me.  Well it wasn't easy, but not too difficult either.  Timing is everything.  I bought silicone pans, which should be put on a cookie sheet as the pans are a bit wobbly and the loaf on the right jiggled as it was going in the oven, so it's a bit wonky.

No rain as yet.  Who is getting rain?  We have a total fire ban in the area here, as well as Algonquin Park.  No outdoor fires whatsoever even cooking.  If one must cook out doors, propane stoves are allowed.   This is the worst drought in  years as I cannot remember this edict ever being broadcast in our area.

The weather has cooled today, but still, when the radio says 40% chance of rain, who really believes it?

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