Sunday, July 22, 2012


 One of our neighbour cottagers learned to quilt about five years ago. 

Amazing work for an 80 years plus lady don't you think?

She made a double wedding ring as her first project.  Took lessons on the first quilt and then life
took on a whole different meaning for this woman.

Here are four of her Celtic blocks made in the last couple of weeks while sitting in her lazy chair on the beach at her cottage.

The quilt is for one of her sweet
granddaughters.  I don't know very much about these blocks, which she said they are all different, but if this is any indication, a truly wonderful work of art is being made.

Mary, (quilter extraordinaire) will be working on this quilt during the winter.  She said that she likes to send her quilts to the Mennonite ladies in her area who will hand quilt her finished top.

This, in real life was amazing eye candy for my friend Helen and I. 

The stitches are all so beautifully done as you can see.   This woman loves to do hand work!  

Hope you enjoyed the photos presented on this lovely ladies work.

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