Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 August has been crazy!  We have had company since the first..

A big pot luck party with over a hundred people this year!  A great success.  The food was fabulous as usual and with a quilt going to the best dish, the competition was fierce!

My friend Helen whose family is much smaller than yours truly has had time to work on projects for children in her realm who make life happy for their parents.

The little house quilt is going to a sweet  girl that her daughter loves dearly...the quilt is to be called "Nila's Village" which says it all about this quilt.

Also finished is the quilt top for another friend who will be pleased to receive the Ohio wonky star.  I love what white and blue do together.

Since my family has left the cottage, first there was eleven for four days, then four for four days, and the heavens opened for four days, we had family weekend with sweetie's siblings cancel and we said  the bad news was we didn't have company, and the good news was we didn't have company!

 We spent days watching the amazing Olympics and loved the views of London.  If the photos of that beautiful city didn't inspire one to travel there nothing will!

 So they ended and I was back to the computer to came across  the photo of a whale that a friend of my daughter took off the coast of British Columbia.  It is a grand photo, one to be enlarged and framed to be sure.

We are off, before I can even start sewing, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to the Canadian Canoe/Kayak Championships.  I am going to have an opportunity to get my picture taken with at least one of our Olympians.  Wahoo. 

I tell you September can't come to soon to start to settle down and sew.  I have all the blocks done from the fabric sent by Shay (of Aussie fame), and also an Ohio Star to be put together.   Time has moved too quickly for me this summer.  Do you find that for you too?

See you in a couple of weeks.

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