Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 We have been on holiday to the maritime provinces.

We went to the Canadian Canoe Championships in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Stopping over in Maine for a few days of visiting with relatives
resulted in my taking many photos of quilts from the 20s and 30s.

This first was done in the 1930, all hand done by the mother in law of my aunt.

It is a large double with the bright yellow sashing giving the quilt the proper "pops" it deserves.

The little butterfly quilt on the right must weigh 30 lbs...really really heavy as there is a wool finish on the back side.  It has been tied, so it will be easy to take apart I think.   I am wondering how to make this into a lighter quilt, and how to wash the little blocks.  My aunt would love to restore this quilt to use.  There are two of them!

Do you think some of these old quilts are worth the trouble to restore?  I hope so as I really want to make a quilt of the usable blocks from these quilts.  I do think the woman who made these two (three really) quilts liked yellow as much as me.  Both are done with yellow sashings!

I have many more photos to post, but am just saying that I am back to hopefully, a more normal life of sewing and getting on with quilting as the fall season will be upon us so soon.

I missed my blogging!

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