Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Of course it only rains on weekends when guests are arriving....happens all the time I hear.   We were no exception this weekend.  

I made another of these little rag baskets today, it is perfect for crackers.  Took a couple of hours to make while watching TV.

The company arrived to the beginning of a downpour, missed by the skin of their teeth!  But it did rain so hard that we lost power for about three hours.  Not that 
we were cooking anything at that time, so we just relaxed for a bit, and then up came the power...thanks to the hard working hydro One guys.

Helen is away to visit her 94 year old mom who is quite ill.  Helen is fearing the end is near, but I told her that her mom would wonder why she had returned for another visit so soon.   It has happened as her very

lucid mother  wonders about her daughter.  Helen knows I think of her often.

These are two of Helen's latest tops, designated for quilting shortly as they are promised to some lucky persons this fall.

Lovely as usual, although she said the first one which looked simple was a bit pesky to do, um, pesky thing won't touch my machine for sure.

Do you get into funks?  I wasn't happy with these little houses when I cut them
out.  I don't know why I had trouble with the bias sewing....a few hints about that people!  I had to cut from 5" to 4 1/2" to square them up.  Why did the bias seam go wonky?  

But, yesterday my "do not cross yellow line" quilt was put together.  I wonder how many of you have a "go to" colour to pop a quilt...mine is yellow... surprise surprise!  I now have a few shades of yellow in my stash, none in the limey yellows, most in soft buttery shades which are perfect for my tastes. Ha!  you thought I'd say white!

I'm heading to the city today.  Going to give the dentist more money!  Honestly, you would think in this day and age somebody would have invented a way to grow new teeth!  Get the DNA from rabbits or whatever!  Anyway, it means a few days in the city for me and I shall be having dinner with my darling daughter who is by herself this year, what with her children off to school elsewhere.

This morning at the lake it is cool, the mist is getting thicker on the water as the air is cooler than the lake, hence the foggy look.  I think we have about 5-6 weeks left, tops!  The weather will deteriorate and it will rain, (hurricane residue) then it will get too cold to stay.  The weather will vote us off the Island...

I am going to learn to knit those baby hats tonight, otherwise my dear Mary will not feed me....

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