Thursday, September 6, 2012


 My friend Mary has been making Beanie Hats.  She says they have taken on a life of their own, they are addicting for her.

She has no grand kids at the moment,none in the future, but she got a pattern from my friend Helen who took pity on Mary who was going crazy making socks or mitts.  

I, on the other hand got sick of sewing messes and cut up an old sheet, about one inch wide, and decided to crochet a basket.

Um, the man of this house thinks I should go back to the sewing thing as he saw me attacking the
crochet hook with such a vengeance that he noted that he 
 thought crocheting was like knitting, you know a kinder gentler craft.  It was tough, but I made it in an afternoon.

I may make more...

This was a house we passed on our trip through Maine.  The gardens were filled with inpatients and even though the weather had been very dry, these flowers were spectacular as we passed the house resplendent with a beautiful veranda dripping with hanging baskets of beautiful flowers.

Finally, what with the water being so low every where this year, we visited what had been my great grandfathers farm.  There used to be a cabin on this little lake, but that had been torn down since our last visit to the land.  But we spent an hour wandering through the property looking for signs of the past.  Sad for us so I don't think we will ever visit the place again.

We have had rain.  Much needed rain, but not enough to actually lower the fire warnings around the area.  A glorious day once more on our little piece of paradise, but the days are winding down.  It is now dark by 8:30, very dark indeed.

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