Friday, October 19, 2012


 We, being alone on our little island paradise this week have had the best of the best weather!

Shining sun makes for popping the hugest mum pot ever that I received from my darling daughter.  

We haven't even had the heat on in the day time.  Now that is something for this time of year.

Ok, it was so warm that we had drinks on the dock, what little there is of it.  I had to remove my coat after this photo was taken.  The red dog thinks I have beer!  It's wine, but he prefers the amber stuff from the can.  Too funny about that dog...

The lake levels continue to drop so much
that the little dock is almost on the bottom
of the lake.  Oh well only a few days to go.  Lake levels have dropped almost four feet!

Speaking of feet...  I tell you, I've been making socks for everyone but me so when I tried on a pair a few weeks ago, I could not believe how comfy they were.  I made this pair just recently, from a ball and a half.  Now what were the chances that when I attached the remaining wool that it would end up matching.  Unbelievable!  But the socks match, not that I care about this much, but it happened by magic!

The leaves continue to be so colourful, although no reds anymore from the maples as they are gone, but golds, pale greens, and rusts abound.  We took our docks over to little bay behind that boathouse in the photo.   

We are here for the last Friday of this year.  We expect to leave by Monday.  I wish it wasn't so, but the weather will change to the point that we will curse not having left sooner.

It has been the best of the best of years.  The weather was fabulous, I quilted to my heart's content. Blog land continues to make my life interesting.  Who could ask for anything more?

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