Saturday, October 13, 2012


 Putting a photo on a blog is so important, but I am down to just a few days here, and other than taking photos of the wind on the lake, which doesn't show up well, I saw this one on the web and thought that it would be a perfect quilt!

That is if I could do applique with any sense of accomplishment.  It is my struggle with hand work that continues to evade me.  But the lady bug in the photo is quietly reflecting on her

Me too.  This summer has been glorious for us here at the cottage.  The weather was fabulous, the water warmed early and stayed warm till the middle of September for those hardy souls who wake up and go jump in the lake as their morning constitutional.  Not me as I love a warm shower, but do admire those that don't feel the chill of jumping in the water.

The mums in the photo are mine.  A gift from my daughter when she came for Thanksgiving.  It is huge beyond belief.  It hasn't completely opened up yet, as we have had so much rain, so little sun, and howling winds.  

Only about a week or so to go and we will be off the island.  Our docks are mostly put away in the cove to protect from harsh winter ice, one is being repaired and that will be that.

We are the only people here that I can see.  We do have neighbours on the island just next to us who are still here, but they are also leaving next week.

The mornings are quite nippy, and a wood stove warms the cottage each day.  It means a lot of wood fetching I tell you, but when the sun is out, we feel the warmth in the cottage.  

I am starting to pack up, so much to do till we head to Panama City Beach area for the winter.

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