Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 This is one of the first quilts I made.  It actually, I thought was lost till I saw it at my daughter's house the other day.

She had saved it from the packing of one of the boys who was moving and loved the colours.  Using it on her little patio has given it a new life.

We celebrated our Fourth Annual Pot Luck supper this passed Saturday with about 60 people in attendance.

My friend Helen contributed the "best dish" prize of this beautiful quilt.  Won by a guy who made killer ribs.  But, the competition was fierce as you can imagine with a beauty like this up for grabs.

Each year the best dish gets a quilt.  It is quite the feast as  you can imagine.  Me?  I would have chosen the chicken wings, or the desert which was blueberry cheese cake.

Lots of stuff is going on here at the cottage, we are adding a new addition to our bedroom.  Having a spacious 10 X 10 bedroom is not without restrictions, ie, no cupboards, little room for a dresser or storage, so an addition 144 sq. feet is going to be amazing.

As we live here now, warm seasons of course, we need space to put stuff, and a closet would be wonderful.

It has been a slow process, with the sweetie getting older and vowing to now only build boats in a bottle after this room is finished.   We have had some help from friends and neighbours, but it is the grunt work that has been so helpful, you know carry the lumber, move saws etc.

Much more will be done, but we are off to the Junior World Championships this weekend to watch grandson race as he represents Canada.  The honor of representing his country has been graciously accepted by our lad, and he has thanked many people who have helped him along the way, the first being his mom who made many sacrifices for her boy.

See you next week.

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