Friday, August 2, 2013


I know I used to say, no more
nine patch quilts for me, but that
was before I discovered cutting them up and making new blocks.

I do not have a photo to show of the new one I have in progress since we are travelling a bit to see grandson race this week, so this one I show is from Moda Recipe which I found this spring.  So fun to make and the results after making the cuts show a totally different block.

The next one is cut on the diagonal which I made using lots of white in the blocks, so it looks so different doesn't it?

I have a third one on the go with totally different looking results which I shall post next week.

In Canada, this is our August long weekend.  I cannot remember why it is, but we have it and as Canadians, any long weekend in the summer is bliss!

We are in the city, moving to another city to see our grandson race in the Junior Worlds, in Canoe Sprint racing.  And honour he says to just have qualified to represent his country.  And wonder of wonders, he qualified direct to the finals without having to battle the tough semi finals that sure take the wind out of the energies of the young.

So, we now have two days to wait, so I am going to shop for fabrics as I contemplate another flip flop quilt, this one will have beach umbrellas on it too.  Each year I enjoy the flip flops as they are so fun to make and everyone ooohs and aaaaws over them.  Of course if one doesn't know how to quilt, it's awesome looking!

This summer is full of lists, with lots of work loads on it.  The addition to our 10 x 10 is coming along, I have three tops ready to quilt myself, and two, an Ohio Star, and the 1930 print is ready to go to the quilter as they are both too big for me to do.

I fell on my face, hurt my ribs, and pulled a calf muscle which was as painful as anything I had experienced in recent years, that took about three weeks to heal, the implant of the tooth is in, but I thank the luck stars that I had not had the implant in when I fell on my face.  

My lip is still numb from the crash...Lots of blood, but thankfully there were no broken bones. 

Getting old is certainly not for sissies as they say, and I am now pretty tough.   A girlfriend told me to tell the sweetie that she has all original body parts if he is interested.  

Enjoy the weekend, see you next week.  We are off to the races!

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