Thursday, April 10, 2014


 When we left the cottage, we brought my sewing machine, table and a suitcase full of general quilting supplies.  I forgot my free motion foot.  Now, that limited me to just doing straight walking foot quilting which is not what I like to do. 

I did make two baby quilts for two baby boys born to staff here at our little Villas resort.

Very simple "blankets" as they were called by the recipients.  Yes, blankets.  Of course they are, just called by different names by those of us who sew little pieces of fabric making big
pieces of cloth.

No matter. they loved them.  I then made a top.  And from there, my projects came to an end, almost.  I made pillows, and bags, had fun making them too.

How could I stay indoors when
this is my view in the daytime, so sitting on our balcony, or by the hot tub or pool just won the day.

I loved the sunsets from said balcony so you can understand why I didn't do much quilting.

Now, we are down to just a few days, I'm finishing my last pair of socks.  Did I tell you I knit this winter?  Oh yes, because I can take knitting to any of the sitting areas around here.  I think I've knit a dozen pairs of socks, as many hats, and even some cowls.  Yes, all have been enjoyed by the recipients too, with a few to spare for gifts.

Everyone loves homemade socks.  I tell you, it is one of the best gifts ever. 

We leave here Monday.  Yikes, I must pack!

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