Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 My poor Wilson this morning! He fell down a few stairs a few weeks ago, and his right paw is still bothering him.

I had thought to take him to the vet, but as we arrived there he saw a squirrel and was instantly cured!  But today, it is really bothering him again.  We may need to have him seen tomorrow.  He is even moaning as he sits on my knee.

Our little hummers are still only two little males who are awaiting the females to arrive at the cottage.  It has been so cold that I am sure they know weather patterns
better than us, so are staying away.

In the mornings I have been putting out warm feeders from the kitchen, as we are below freezing temps at night still.  Crazy, crazy spring.

Usually, our flowers near our little cabin (aka bunkie) have started to grow, but not this year, everything is slow, slow.  Even the dandelions are nowhere to be seen.  

Last year, I bought a flat of
nasturtiums.  I had not grown these in years, and years.  Goodness, they were easy to grow, and bloomed all summer long.  

I had so many of them that I filled around some of my planters that I have on the deck.

Typically, we buy pots such as the one here, already done up so beautifully, and the hummers like the flowers, so they buzz around us all summer long.

I did not read about the nasturtiums regarding the fertilizing thing, and I ended up with almost elephant ear leaves, and not too many flowers.  I stopped fertilizing them and wow, prolific flowering.  So try them, so easy and the birds and bees like them.

Still too chilly to go to the sewing machine...I get cold, and it doesn't do for good sewing, so maybe next week I will have at it.

A long weekend for us in Canada, which is when cottages are opened, the boats are launched, and we have our first guests of the season.  It better be warm.

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