Monday, May 16, 2016


 The weekend was a wash out.
So much rain, and so cold!

We had so much rain!  But this morning we awoke to about a quarter inch of frost on the docks!  Hazardous if one had to get to the boat!

And I couldn't get onto the deck as there was ice all over it.  The rains were such that huge puddles were there when it was raining and overnight the big freeze happened!

The two little hummingbirds that are here were feeding big time over the weekend.  Now, as the sun is out, the day is warming, so they seem to be doing happy swooping.

Honestly, this cold front affected most of Canada and the US areas south of us.  Of course, Canada, gets the blame for sending this cold weather south, but something sent it to us!  It was freezing, and the rain was not pleasant.

No sewing in our sunroom as it was just too cold out there.  This, is where I sew.  The windows are Weatherwalls.  That is they have a heavy plastic window covering, but no insulation to speak of, so, it is very chilly when the temperatures are only in the 40s, and no sun.

We do have heaters out there, but these would not have warmed it up sufficiently to sew.  A lost weekend for sewing, but I knit socks and watched as the Toronto Raptors won their game against the Heat.  Great cheering in Toronto as we win so few sports the Leafs..

It is the beginning of a new week with expectations of spring in the air, and a long weekend coming up!

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