Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is a quilt that was hand made by my grandmother in the 1950's. She loved this pattern and a lot of us have this quilt pattern. It is hand stitched, but machine pieced. I have used it and although it is still in good condition, I wonder if I should still use it.
It's amazing that I didn't try quilting as I have always liked quilts. I notice that my grandmother's quilts are all light in colour and the insides of them is very thin. I wonder what she used in them. None are done with the the battings that are available today.
Anyway, yesterday I decided to use a green fabric for the backing of my 3rd quilt. I have run out of painters tape to tape down the quilt, so today since I am playing bridge and going out, I shall get some tape.
The weather being so nice, yesterday afternoon I sat out and started taking the quilting out of a strippie quilt that I goofed up on and it is just a simple quilt so only took me a few hours of cutting and putting together. I shall use it as a lap quilt when I correct the lousy quilting I did.
I think I will try waves on the quilt when I do it.
Crazymom quilts did this on a simple quilt she made and I loved it.
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