Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well here is my quilt top that I finished yesterday. I just don't know what colour to put on the backside of it. Being partial to white, I just don't feel that this requires white. Any ideas?
This measures 68 X 90, and is another "jewel" quilt, and I don't know where this name originated, but the number of pieces cut and the number of pieces required are two different things. I again have a lot of green and red triangles squared left over. Oh well I can use them for something else.
I bought some warm cotton batting yesterday, and also some varigated thread that I shall try on a strippie quilt that I experimented with. I am taking the quilted part apart, as I am not happy with the look of it. Oh well, I am going to sit in the backyard and pick at the stitches.
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