Monday, April 21, 2008

Well good Monday morning to all. I am going to try to finish the top of the colourful quilt today. There is a sale at Fabricland of battings and I am going to stock up. I am still wondering what kind of batting is best for the quilt. I used the warm batting the last time and it was wonderful for the quilt in the ditch for the jewel quilt from Canadian Living.
The weather is so warm here in Whitby that the furnace is off and even the basement is quite warm where I quilt.
I shall try to post the photo of the layout of the quilt today if I can figure out the camera again.
I am anxious to try another method of quilting and shall try speed piecing in my next one. Oh boy, that should be fun as that is what crazymom quilts does I suspect as she puts her quilts together in no time at all.
Denise was my first viewer. I am so pleased, and there have been a couple more too, so I shall get this up and running in a better format.
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