Monday, May 12, 2008

Well here it is the 12th of May and we returned from the cottage. I am posting the back side of tory's quilt as I didn't show the green before. It is posted this month as part of the block of the month as it turns out, so that makes me happy to see it on the web.
Yesterday was Courtney's birthday, turning 16 years old for a granddaughter was quite a celebration in her life. She had a big party with close friends at her dad's house.
We are back for a few days and will be returning to the cottage for the long weekend. I hope we will be there for a couple of weeks, so will not be posting I think as the dial up at the cottage is so slow that I could get a quilt done in the time it uploads.
Kelly and the kids are coming along with Tory and Alex for their first weekend at the cottage also.
Life is good and I have great ambitions for this summer to quilt while we also finish putting up kitchen cupboards and painting and decorating.
A new Ikea sectional will finish the livingroom so that I can drape quilt on it.
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