Thursday, November 13, 2008


I couldn't believe that these were at Walmart just down the street. Under $10.00 for the pkg. I love dotted fabric anyway. So I am doing a quilt with some of the bundles .

I have a hard time doing anything more "boyish" but this one won't have pink in it. I'm going to get it tested by Kelly to see if it is suitable for a young boy nephew.

I also made my first 9 patch which is part of the quilt. It is again an easy pattern and since I had my sewing lesson at the Oshawa Sewing Centre I am hoping that I can stipple this properly. I am cutting out 12" squares to practice daily no matter what.

I bought a Better Homes and Garden quilt magazine yesterday and lucked out on some of the fat quarters at Walmart. They aren't carrying any more yard goods, but if the fat quarters above are any indication, I'm going back.

Yesterday was bridge day, so I didn't post. I went to the dermatologist in the am who said that I had a small cancerous spot on my shoulder, but not to worry too much about it as it is the kind that doesn't spread, move or otherwise, however it must be removed. I am making appt with plastic surgeon and if it takes as long as an ortopedic appt. well I won't hold my breath. The Orthopedic doctor for a bunion that I want removed will take a year before I get it done. Well I've waited this long and since I don't want to wear heels anyway, it won't be so bad. Thank god for Crocs.

I have about 5 pairs of different styles and the sandals are soooo comfy.

Wow, I managed to get a second photo in this blog. I am so pleased. Blogging is hard work. I try something different all the time and mostly have to go back and correct everything cause I can't read directions.

Anyway, this is my first 9 patch that I have ever made it is to go with the Fabric from Walmart, of which 5 of the patches come from the 5 quarter bundles that I bought. I had to take it apart already, to put the stripes in the middle.

I have 18 of these to do and am very pleased that the first one actually was square. Yeah, I have a hard time keeping things square. My friend Helen who is a hand quilter will be pleased with me as she has been trying to get me to do 9 patch for ages. I am liking this a lot.

These are the photos from the mag. We shall see if the quilt comes close to this when I finish it.

Lots of photos here and not all of them where I want them, but close enough. Whew!

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