Monday, November 10, 2008


This is quincy. He is 9 weeks old, part poodle part spaniel. He is our neighbours new puppy. Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Bob and Mary brought him home on Saturday night and he is so calm and has the same colour hair as Mary...well for now anyway.
I don't know if he walks yet as the only time I see him, he is in Mary's arm.
Our Wilson was pretty happy to see him although we aren't letting them bond as yet as the puppy should aclimatize to new surroundings before Wilson gets him.
I finished the Orange Sherbert quilt and washed it. Yep it did shrink a bit but still looks really good. I am going to wash the bamboo batting before I use it again. Yuck, now I gotta hang it out etc. A lesson learned for sure. My step granddaughter Kelly is learning to sew and has come over with an evening sort of dress and we are doing that this week, although I am going to buy new fabric for a new quilt today.
As the days are shorter I see people cleaning up their gardens, putting leaves in the large bags for recycling and the street seemed to be a hive of activity this past weekend. We brought home the leaf blower from the cottage and Jerry says he will blow them to a corner and pick them up for next week...
Last night I made chops in the new stove top grill that I got from President's Choice...thanks Kelly...they turned out really well. I can't get over how great this unit is and have used it a few times already for doing steaks for which I am thankful as I hate going out in the cold and dark to bbq them. For $80.00 it is an absolute gem!
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