Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is the final photo of the cottage work boat yesterday. The boats are all out of the water and the bays are freezing, snow has fallen, winter has arrived at our little place on earth where we dream of being each day.

Now the snowmobiles will be reving up their engines and getting ready for snow trails.

Me? I am quilting up a storm. I have almost finished a top which I'll post tomorrow as today is bridge day. Going to lunch with Dawn, we are celebrating being alive!

The new top is a lot of blue and green making it more boy friendly which is what I was hoping for as all my quilts are very "girly". It is simple 4 1/2" squares, and went together so fast that I was almost finished before 4 pm yesterday. I haven't figured out the sashing yet, so my little stash of fabrics may not do the trick. I may have to shop which is my least favorite part of quilting. I know that sounds strange, but I shop for a quilt, make it and move one, I don't know how I'll aquire a "stash".

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