Monday, November 24, 2008


I made thes "fingerless gloves" for the kids last year and I have worn them also. They can be worn over another pair of gloves if its quite cold (see last week). They don't take long to make and certainly if made in bright cheery colours would make a daring teen happy to have them.
I took this with my Canon SLR as I couldn't get the powershot Canon to download to the computer. Stupid thing. It works sometimes and then it gets tempermental. It worked fine on Saturday and as I sit here totally frustrated because it didn't work, it's started my day stressed out. The computer keeps saying that there is no camera settings. I'll take it to the store and have them look at it. I read the book, but since I have a hard time reading directions, that isn't going to help me at all.
It's warm out today, in the above freezing and I am actually looking forward to going out. Last week was so cold in Ontario here and most of the country for that matter that we all wanted to become groundhogs and hybernate. Not today. It's going to rain probably and I don't care. It's warm.
I am planning a family brunch to take place in a couple of weeks. I know the deserts, but the main courses are still bothering me as I don't want to make the usual sausage strata, even though the family loves it. I'll be surfing the net for some ideas for sure. Teens can be fussy and the party will mostly be teens, so I want to be prepared. Used to be that the kids had fruit and cereal, and bacon of course and then we the adults sat down and feasted....not now, everyone wants to feast.
I'm getting into the Christmas spirit I think...although I think it's way to early for the tree. Not till the tenth at least.
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