Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well it's after the feast and we are all recovering from a really good day. First we went to Kelly's for an awesome breakfast of sausage strata, blueberry french toast which were even better than mine and made by her two little cooks that she imported from the neighbourhood. I called over on Christmas Eve day and one of the girls answered and said they were busy cooking. So good and easy for Kel as they were made the day before.
There was fruits, buns, cookies, coffee and drinks. It was a feast.
Then we stopped in to visit my mother just after her lunch which is the best time to visit her as she seems to be most alert then. Jerry and she played a game of 500 and she was in her glory. For having dementia and not able to concentrate, being almost 90, she did amazingly well. She "wins" all the time of course and said to Jerry, that it wasn't so bad being beat by an old lady, who can't walk, can't talk much, and can't see either for that matter. Her macular degeneration seems to be a good one day and bad the next. A good couple of hours spent with her.
We then went to our neighbour's for dinner of the turkey and fixens as they say and had a wonderful time. Kelly came too, as her kids had gone to their dad's for the week. They packed as if they weren't coming back though, so much to take for a week in Quebec with Karen's family whom they love to visit. Hate the drive, love the visit because it does include skiing in the Laurentiens.
So here it is Saturday morning after a day of resting up, in a bit of pain from my fall on the ice yesterday. It's good that I have lots of "padding" as they say and I slipped carefully to the sidewalk so didn't do much damage except a sore shoulder today. Lucky is all I call myself now as I could have broken my wrist, which doesn't hurt even though that was sorest yesterday.
I am off to the Ultimate Quilting Shoppe in Oshawa today for their big sale. Jerry bought me a whole bunch of sewing stuff such as needles, squares, threads, markers, grids a bag from the shop which I hope to fill today as it's their annual boxing day sale of items.
My red quilt top is finished but I'm sick of sewing red and white for a while and even though I have been making a top and finishing the quilt before moving on to another, this time I think I shall lay it aside and make something else as I am bored with this very large quilt.
Today, there is so much fog that I can hardly see the school across the park. Wow and 50 degrees F, wahoo, maybe the snow will melt enough to see over the pile so I can back out of the driveway safely. Seriously, where are we going to put the stuff for the rest of the winter?
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