Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's Sunday afternoon and our family brunch was a huge success. We had great cheesy appetizers, fruit salad, caesar salad, sausage strata, chicken pot pie, lots of coffee, egg nog plus whatever you wanted to add to it, juices, and lots of cookies, lemon blossoms, triffle with real whipped cream.
We are all full and Jerry and I are recovering quietly. Jerry and Martin went to the nursing home and brought my mother out for the afternoon. They did a great job. She needed strong men to get her here what with the wheel chair and all.
We had a snow storm as everyone was arriving and that made getting here exciting. The storm has left us and we again had to shovel out our driveway. Kevin our step grandson is doing a great job with that.
I logged on to Mountain Trout House and found the above logos and thought they were great. Their lights twinkle, but still they look great here.
Merry Christmas.

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