Friday, December 12, 2008


Here is the photo of my three boys dressed in their Christmas pyjas and waiting for Santa.

Kelly didn't want to be in the photo and I haven't found the one of her yet. I think she had on striped pyjas if I remember correctly.

Adam was only 6 mos old and so cute then.

Now they are all grown, have grown children almost and the years have slipped by.
Christmas was so simple in those days, stockings were the big thing in the mornings of those early years. Just a few gifts bought and lots of homemade items....Wonderful days with their grandmothers so happy to see them in their Christmas outfits.
Such wonderful times...Martin was always the last to open his gifts. He loved to just stand and look at it in all its wonder of a 3 yr old. He was so cute. They all opened Adam's gifts since he was so young..
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