Monday, December 15, 2008


I found this bowl on the web. It is also called a Vogue Bowl I think. It's made out of magazines and just folded pages and glued . I thought these were amazing and could certainly be used as a great project to do with kids or teens who are always looking for something different.

I am difinitely going to make one if I ever get done the red quilt which is HUGE. I mean HUGE and I only have half of the strips together.
It's amazing in size as I have only done singles, lap quilts and such to make a queen size quilt.
I am going to work on it again today though and see how much I can finish. This may be one of those works that I go back to once in a while. It's going to be great when done, but the quilting is going to be hard.

Our snow is disappearing as I sit here blogging. My granddaughter and friend have been making a fort in the park and I am sad to say that it's just about kapoot. Going, going gone as they say and great news for those of us that don't like the snow too much. Great for walking on the sidewalks again. We are going to be in the 40s today so I am walking further.

Only a week or so before Christmas...I gotta get moving, still shopping to do.
This week in the Bridge luncheon, which should be so good as we have lots of great chefs in our little social group that plays bridge....
have a great day

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