Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here is the photo of my "little" girl taken about 42 yrs ago. Her brothers that you saw in a recent post had solid reds and she was in stripes . I just love this photo, it's so typical of Kelly when she was so young, always smiling and a talker even then.
Isn't it lovely that we remember these small memories in photos. I see the curtains in the background and remember making them.
Kelly looked like Pebbles when I topped her hair.
Yabadabadoo. So cute!
We have had soooooooooo much snow and have had to make a path for the dog to go out. Unbelievable how fast it came and how fast it cleared last night, giving us a bright sky with stars shining brightly.
Today it's cold, but there isn't a cloud in the sky and the snow is melting at the back door, which makes it hard to believe that we are going to get socked with it again tomorrow.
And I'm having a bunch of the family for brunch. If the weather isn't too bad we will try and get my mother here too. We haven't mentioned it to her as yet because of the weather and even though she has dementia, she would remember some of our plans. Martin and Jerry will be designated to go get her in the morning before 11:00 am. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she does come. If only for a couple of hours, it will be fun for her.
Quilting and blogging will be put on hold for the next week or so I think as Christmas week is going to be really busy. So with that in mind, anyone seeing this blog is wished the Merriest of Christmases as this is a year where we are all looking at what we have in our lives we should be grateful for small miracles.
Merry Christmas.
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