Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok, it was a big day, I watched it most of the day. I switched between CBC and CNN then later added ABC. Honestly most of the CBC one was much better talk and I actually hated the CNN stuff about the graphics that John King kept going to to show us over and over again the people, the places etc. But the rest of it was pretty good. Sometimes just too much little bits of too much information.
On ABC, well I love Diane Sawyer anyway and her smooth delivery is always exceptional. George S. was also good, but sometimes they also delivered so much of "too much information" and it sounded a bit like announcers do at ball games....
I thought also that Obama delivered a sober speech after being sworn in and if his daughter thought it was "good job dad" then it was. What can he say....the world economy is in crisis and we must all do our share whether we are Canadian or American or whatever.
On a lighter note, I kept wondering how come Michelle wasn't cold in that lovely outfit. She probably is the type to say that she just doesn't do cold.....And she walked and stood on her feet for soooooo long. Honestly, in heels too. What a woman. All I kept thinking was that my feet would be killing me and she walked up that street like she was just going for a walk.
Oh and I loved Jill Biden in her red, red, coat and simple hair style too. She looks great in red and her ball gown, which I would have posted here had I been able to see one suitable for here, I would have.
Michelle's simple gown is perfect for her. She's a big woman and exudes the self confidence to wear what she wants and all those people that think she should be thinner....oh yeah, just watch and see it coming ......I say leave her alone. She is a woman with curves and she looks GREAT.
To see the faces in the million plus crowds, to hear the joy in their voices, and the hope in their eyes...lets hope that it continues.
Oh! I forgot to mention Linda Johnson the former President's daughter who spoke with Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson (good by the way) and told little stories of being in the whitehouse and tales of growing up there for those few years...very poignant. A lovely speaking voice she has too.. 61 years old now and very gracious.
Good for America.
Ok, back to the day after... today is Bridge day and the girls are off to lunch as one of the gals is leaving for 2 months in Florida. It's gotta be better than this, my god the snow...ok all I say now is that it's about 8 weeks till warm weather because it sounds better than 2 months.
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