Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ok, so because of this unbelievably cold winter, I put myself on this beach in the Virgin Islands. Doesn't it just look inviting today? It's 6 degrees above zero F. Now if that isn't cold, and bone chilling I don't know what is....
This beach is Smuggler's Cove and they made a couple of old movies there, one being the Old Man and the Sea and another that had Anthony Quinn in it and friends actually had bit parts in the film. when you see the movie, it doesn't look like Tortola at all. Oh well, that's show biz.
I'm trying to rectify a bunch of fabric that was cut up to supposedly be a quilt. I gag when I think of how awful it looks. I have discarded the plan of making another ugly quilt. Too many colours. I now realize, I must simplify my quilts, and I think I'll have more fun that way. I love white and notice on some of the blogs, and flickr that white makes colour stand out. I've been using toooooooo much of the colour and not enough of the white.
So, today or tomorrow, when I get my mojo working to quilt sew again, I'll post the corrections and the quilt as corrected.
When the pattern calls for 14 fat quarters, I think that's where I get lost. Too many for my liking and so many patterns. So, I am just not going to do that for a while.
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