Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's not often that I post on Sundays, but today is an exception! Look at the snow! It's been snowing since last night, still coming down. It does look like a wonderland out there, but it's still only 12 F this morning, but supposed to warm up later on today. Still very cold though.

In fact the wonder dog won't be able to go out till we shovel a path for him in the backyard.

See this? That's where he is supposed to go out to. Well it's not going to happen as far as he is concerned. It's 9:15 and I must get dressed and shovel a path for him to do his business.

There is nothing moving in the area and it's so quiet out there. Now this snow isn't heavy! There's just so much of it again. This is the house where Quincey lives and they are usually up and moving early. No sign of them either.

Oh and he got a hair cut. Remember him? He's the puppy that I posted earlier this year at 10 weeks old. Well, we still puppy sit him and he's had his first hair cut. Mary brought him over for us to take a shot of him while he was still neat!

So of course this is a day for doing not much except snow removal. I must get the guy who does this up and at the task. Maybe we'll call the neighbours with the BIG snowblower, bribe them with a great brunch and have a snow fest!
Doesn't that sound like a good idea?
Speaking of fests! I have been on Facebook and posted a whole batch of black and whites that I found in one of my mom's photo boxes. It's quite a collection and all the younger (?) cousins have surfaced and we are all connecting up again. It's quite the thing to see my cousins who are really all younger than me. I am number one! Anyway, some of them have kids that are grown, off to university etc and still some of the second generation of these have kids, just a wonderful lovein that we have had for the past week. I actually talked to a cousin that I hadn't talked to in 30 it's a good thing as my friend Martha would say.
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