Thursday, January 15, 2009


I loved this photo that was sent to me. The caption said

"I'ts cold!" Really, all of us in most of Canada and the USA are freezing today. It's -5F this morning. And it's dark, no sign of sumshine as I sit here having coffee and blogging.

It's hard to get motivated when going outside is an effort to keep warm.

Yesterday, after a great afternoon of bridge....I was "sharp" I went to visit my mother at the nursing home, only to find it still closed with a flu outbreak still in effect.

I didn't go in because I haven't had the flu and don't want to get it either. I did get a shot, but apparently the strain that is going around is not one that I am protected from.

So, no chances for me in that area

Here is a photo posted on our cottage marina
site and it shows a lone wolf going across the lake which is very unusual to see a wolf in the day time on the lake.

Poor thing looks so lonely and cold. We hear them sometimes on still nights on the lake as we are so close to Algonquin Park and their echos are so haunting.

I started to stitch in the ditch of the most recent quilt and I had to undo the seam as it looks awful on the quilt. I don't know why but I basted and measured and ended up with a pucker at the edge. Oh well it's not large and I am good at picking seams.
I finished a pair of pyjamas bottoms and am so happy with them that I am making more for the summer season at the cottage. I bought some black print a while back and since I have some old black tees, I am now co ordinated when I go to bed. Jerry remembers the days when I wore silk nighties....ah those were the days he says.
Now I wear socks to keep my feet warm too!
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