Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Have you ever seen a loon? Have you heard them sing? They are quite facinating to watch and to hear their cry is wonderful on a quiet night on our lake in the summer.

These are amazing creatures. They live and breed in freshwater lakes but migrate to saltwater areas in the winter. We have a few hundred of these birds on our lake and it's such a treat to see one come along the shore about 50-100 ft out and then dive and come up so far away in such a short time.

The loons come north early in the spring and seem to know when it's time to leave in late October or even early November if the season is mild. The loons just seem to know when the first ice is going to spread on top of their lakes. They make nests along the shores of our lake, their young being so different in color sort of brown and fluffy. Sometimes they sleep on the backs of their mothers. Very very cute!

There are a few quilt patterns of these loons, but the best is done with a photo transfer I think and it would have to be a pillow size if I did one. But you know there are times when just seeing the real thing just makes my day!

We live about 6 miles out on an island in the summer and since our lake is very deep it can get rough and windy out that far so the loons don't come unless it's a calm quiet day and the lake will then echo with their calls. Sometimes we see all the young males in a group swimming along and since they don't have mates, they stick together for social time I think.

I have tried to take many photos of loons, but a telephoto is best because when we get too close they dive away. I will stop the motor and drift along and wait till the boat drifts closer to them. It takes so much patience and I am short on that, but the loons and hummingbirds are fun to watch as the hours go by on a lazy summer day.......Am dreaming again!

Oh and did I tell you that they like fish? I got this one from somebody who didn't take this photo, but it was sent to them. I can't believe it's real, but they are fearce fishers!

Enjoy your day.

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